Adding & Dropping Courses

Adjustments to student schedule of registered classes must be made by the approved deadlines for these transactions.  The best source for this information is the Office of Admissions and Records.

Students need to register no later than the official tenth day of a semester (the official fifth day of Summer Session II (eight week session).   Graduate students who find that an adjustment is required (late registration, add, drop, change of section, or change the registered hours for a variable-credit course) after these dates must carefully follow the procedures listed here.

No course transaction after the deadlines is guaranteed approval, so every effort must be made to register properly and verify your registration in Student Self-Service.  If illness, family emergency or work related issues develop, consult with your the Director of Graduate Studies in your program.

Holders of fellowships, assistantships, and tuition-and-fee waivers must maintain the required number of credit hours or risk loss of their tuition and service fee waiver for the term. Students who lose their waivers will be billed the full cost of tuition and fees. Students on visas must maintain the registration requirements of their visa. (For clarification, contact the Office of International Services).