Recommended Reading List for Graduate Students Thinking of Becoming a Teaching Professor

Links below that lead to are for information only and do not constitute any endorsement.


  1. Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing Learning Courses. L. Dee Fink. 2013. link
  2. On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Week of College Teaching. James Lang. 2010. link
  3. Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty. Elizabeth Barkley. 2009. link
  4. Teaching At Its Best. Linda Nilson. 2010. link
  5. What The Best College Teachers Do. Ken Bain. 2004. link – Useful Web Sources to Help Teaching, Learning and Assessment

John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD. GC593 Foundations of College Teaching. April 2015.