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What is the Performance Evaluation Process

  What is the Performance Evaluation (PE) process? 

  • When booking an appointment, the ITA will indicate threepossible PE topics that are basic to the ITA’s field(see What are Acceptable PE Topics?). ITAP will choose oneof those topics for the ITA to present, and  send it to the ITA 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, along with instructions for preparing for the PE.
  • On the day of the PE, the ITA will check-in 5 minutes before their scheduled time at Behavior Sciences Building (BSB) 237. (ITAP is located on the second floor, near the central staircase.)
  • Two evaluators will be present to videotape and rate the presentation;Both evaluators will observe and rate language production skills, as well as act as “students” and rate presentation and interaction skills. As "students" the evaluators will take notes, ask questions, and interact with the ITA as if they were in an actual classroom situation.
  • The ITA will be given 10 minutes to give their presentation.
  • At the end of the presentation, the evaluators may ask an additional question or two for clarification.
  • The ITA will then present a quiz question to be answered by the evaluators. The ITA will explain and discuss the answer with them in order to simulate an interaction that might take place during the ITA’s office hours or classroom.
  • Results for the PE are sent to the ITA via email. The ITA’s department is also sent a letter stating the ITA’s Oral English Proficiency Certification status and TA teaching recommendations.