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W.C. Deiss Fellowship

The W.C. and Preble Deiss Fellowship is awarded to newly admitted students who are pursuing graduate study in the life sciences.

The Deiss Fellowship is awarded annually to a student being recruited to a graduate program in the life sciences at UIC. Students who have previously been admitted to a graduate program at UIC may be eligible if it is demonstrated that this award is part of a genuinely new recruitment effort. The Deiss recipient will be selected by the Graduate College Awards Committee from your Graduate Program's nominations submitted for the University Fellowship.  Please consult with your program for any questions regarding this fellowship.

Recipients of the Deiss Fellowship will receive a stipend of $25,000 for the academic year or $2083.33 per month. The award period runs from August 16 – August 15.

The Award is renewable in the fourth year under the same procedures as the University Fellowship Awardees. Additionally, in the fourth (final) year of the fellowship, the Deiss recipient will receive a $1500 research allowance.

Note: The Graduate College also provides two programs of support for research by graduate students at UIC: the Provost's Award for Graduate Research and the W.C. and May Preble Deiss Fund for Biomedical Research. The Provost's Award is open to all graduate students currently enrolled at UIC and the Deiss Fund is for graduate students engaged in research in clinical or basic medical sciences. The W.C. and May Preble Deiss Fund for Biomedical Research is different from the W.C. Deiss Fellowship described on this page.  See information on the Provost's and Deiss awards for graduate research