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U.S. Fulbright Student Programs

U.S. Fulbright Student Program

  • Fulbright fellowships, through the U.S. State Department provides for teaching, research and study opportunities internationally for U.S. citizen students in various disciplines. Almost 200 countries are viable sites for placement.
  • The national deadline is usually in mid-October of each, and UIC graduate students who are applying must pass through a campus evaluation first, and so must meet an internal UIC campus deadline of September 10, 2018. Graduate students and alumni from UIC's graduate programs should contact Benn Williams (, their dedicated university Fulbright Program Advisor. (Undergraduates and undergraduate alumni should contact Kim Germain in the Office of External Fellowships. The competition opened April 2, 2018.


General Program Updates:

  • ETA expansions in Brazil, Colombia, and Spain

Increase in partner awards with international universities (master's degrees and study/research projects)

Regional Trends (East Asia-Pacific):

  • More Study/Research applicatons are needed
  • More Arts applications needed
  • ETA candidates: NO SIDE PROJECTS
  • ETA applicants: demonstrate a SINCERE interest in teaching and in the host country
  • New ETA in Timor-Leste, Hong Kong
  • New graduate degree program: National Taiwan Normal University Award in International Human Resource Development (MBA)
  • Undersubscribed Study/Research and ETA: Brunei, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand

Regional Trends (Europe):

  • Austria: Fulbright-Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Awards for Graduate Studies and PhD Research in Science and Technology (it’s back!); no Austria-Hungary award
  • Bulgaria: New Award: Study/Research Award in Archeology/History, a partnership with the Balkan Heritage Foundation
  • Finland: Fulbright-CIMO award has been renamed the Fulbright-EDUFI award
  • France: Fulbright-Harriet Hale Woolley Awards in the Arts and Fulbright-Paris Seine University Awards
  • Germany: Young Professional Journalist Program - for beginning professional journalists or recent graduates to pursue study, independent research, and an internship or guest journalist position at German newspapers, publishers, or television and radio stations - language required now more flexible
  • Netherlands: Fulbright/Delft University of Technology: Industrial Design Engineering Award
  • Spain: Fulbright Global and International Studies Master's at Universidad de Salamanca

**MORE Study/Research and ETA applications needed for: Albania, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia, and Slovak Republic**

Regional Trends (Eurasia):

  • More Study/Research & ETA applicants needed to all countries in Eurasia except for ETA to Russia; the most under-subscribed: Moldova, Ukraine Study/Research, Russia Study/Research
  • ETA candidates with Russian language skills may want to consider other countries besides Russia, e.g. Moldova
  • ETAs do have supplementary projects

Regional Trends (South & Central Asia):

  • India: ETAs Expansion to 5-7 different cities in country
  • More Study/Research & ETA Applicants Needed to: South Asia (India, Sri Lanka); Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan)
  • Highly recommended to have some background in the local language (or Russian for Central Asia) before applying
  • Program in Bangladesh is suspended for 2019-2020
  • Candidates must exemplify maturity & flexibility

Regional Trends (Middle East & North Africa):

  • New: MA Degree Award to Israel, 6+ available
  • New: ETA to Saudi Arabia, 2 available
  • Egypt suspended for 18-19, but accepting applications for 19-20.
  • Egypt & Oman: Projects that are sensitive/critical in nature are not recommended. Flexibility is key.
  • ETA to West Bank was extremely popular, 67 applications for 2 available grants. Updates to dates, security, and placement info.
  • Applications also welcome in Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE

Regional Trends (Sub-Saharan Africa):

  • More Study/Research & ETA
  • Applicants need to most countries
  • More applications to non-Anglophone countries continent-wide also welcome
  • No new awards to report

Regional Trends (Western Hemisphere):

  • Mexico:
    • Binational Internship Grants
    • 4 Graduate Degrees (all disciplines): Offer of admissions not required at time of application. COMEXUS will provide assistance.
  • Brazil: Study/Research accepts advanced Spanish, ETA accepts advanced Romance language
  • Colombia: Additional 30 ETA awards available
  • Barbados and Eastern Caribbean: Dominica on hold due to the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season
  • Bolivia: Must be a multi-country proposal at this time

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