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University Regulations

Academic Grievance Procedures

The Academic Grievance Procedures define an administrative process through which faculty, academic professionals, employees, and students may seek resolution of complaints or grievances arising from a decision made about them by an agent of the University of Illinois at Chicago in the course of their employment or enrollment at UIC. It defines eligibility to use the procedures and describes the informal and formal procedures and time frames required. To download the full document outlining the procedures for filing a grievance see:

Academic Integrity

The University of Illinois is dedicated to learning and research, and hence is committed to truth and accuracy. Integrity and intellectual honesty in scholarship and scientific investigation are, therefore, of paramount importance. These standards require intellectual honesty in conducting research, writing of research results, and relations with colleagues. Graduate students may be faced with difficult choices regarding academic integrity in their various roles as student, teacher, and researcher. If this is the case, they should seek the advice and experience of their faculty advisors and the Graduate College staff.

The University has specific definitions of misconduct (such as plagiarism, falsification of data, etc.), procedures used for investigation of charges, and the consequences of that conduct. Students are governed by the Student Disciplinary Policy under the Student Conduct Process, as adjudicated by the Office of the Dean of Students, and faculty are governed by the Policies and Procedures for Academic Integrity.  Also see the Faculty Handbook.

Student Disciplinary Procedures

The Student Disciplinary Procedures (December 1985) provide a mechanism for review when a student is charged with an infraction of the disciplinary code. It describes just causes for disciplinary action, outlines the procedures for filing a complaint or responding to one, lists the possible sanctions, and describes the appeal process. This document is available in the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, 3030 Student Services Building or online.

Confidentiality of Records

Medical Immunization Requirements

Nondiscrimination Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Services for Students With Disabilities