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UIC Connect Phase IV Program-Specific Links

Please review this spreadsheet of UIC Connect graduate program-specific links. Click on the program name (hyperlink) to review your site(s).

Notify about the following:

  • Missing program codes (all program codes, including nondegree, IBHE certificates, and Campus certificates to which students are eligible to be admitted should be included*)
  • Program codes for inactive programs or programs on phasedown (no new students admitted) to be deleted from the list
  • New urls (also check for broken urls) 
  • Sites with inaccurate or outdated information (a number of sites still have information on Fall 2008 orientation)

UIC Connect is presented to new admits at the time of official admission from the Office of Admissions and Records.  The newly admitted applicant may view at any time, especially if your program does not limit the terms of admission.  It is important to provide current and accurate information.

*If there are certain program codes that have special admission processing, such as "21FSxxxx," or certificates where admission is administered through the Office of Continuing Studies, the UIC Connect site is not used; however, notify the Graduate College with this information.

Email sent to DGS 09 November 2009(pdf)