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Time Ticket

A Time Ticket is the assigned time that a student is first eligible to register for a particular term, and at any time after, during the functional days of the registration period. All eligible students are assigned a Time Ticket before priority registration for the term begins. Newly admitted and readmitted students are assigned Time Tickets after they are officially admitted by the Graduate Admissions Office in OAR. Continuing students are able to access their Time Ticket via UIC Web For Student. The information is available at some point prior to the beginning of priority registration. Newly admitted or readmitted students are mailed information on how to access their information in UIC Web For Student, from the Graduate Admissions Office.

A student cannot register without a valid Time Ticket. If a student encounters an issue with a missing Time Ticket, s/he should contact the Registration Office in SSB (312-996-4384). On occasion, a student returning from an official Leave of Absence and students still classified as continuing (i.e. eligible to register) but who were not registered the previous term may encounter such a problem.

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