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Teaching at UIC: A Practical Manual for Instructors and Teaching Assistants

This manual is for instructors and teaching assistants at UIC to use as a guide to new, as well as challenging, situations encounted in the classroom.  A teaching assistant can be faced with complex situations, many times with little guidance.  It is hoped that this manual will be an important document for you.  Your feedback is welcomed - send to John Coumbe-Lilley.

The manual was conceived, written, and edited by Sarah Shepherd-Manandhar, Kimberly P. Garza, and John Coumbe-Lilley, as a class project for GC 592, Seminar in College Teaching, part of the three course sequence that comprise the Foundations of College Instruction campus certificate.  John Coumbe-Lilley developed the three courses used for the certificate, and worked closely with PhD students Sarah Shepherd-Manandhar and Kimberly P. Garza, both of whom completed the certificate.

The link to the manual is below: