The Graduate Student Petition (sometimes referred to as the general petition) is to be used by students for most requests of exceptions to policy and rules. Some examples include late course adds and drops (along with Graduate College Registration Revision Form; see Instructions for Graduate College Registration Revision Form for when the Graduate Student Petition is necessary), extension of time to complete the degree, extension of probation, extension of time to complete and incomplete (I) grade. It should not be used for late registration (attempts to register after the registration period is over if you are not in any hours), transfer credit, leave of absence, and university withdrawal (drop all courses for a term), as these actions have individual forms.

Students should provide clear and concise statements for what is being requested along with relevant rationale. The Graduate Student Petition requires advisor (or instructor, if appropriate) and Director of Graduate Studies signatures, and justification of their position. (Nondegree students do not need the Director of Graduate Studies signature - nondegree students should write "nondegree" on the lines in that section).

Once a decision is made by the Graduate College a copy of the form will be mailed to the student at the address provided on the form.