A graduate student may take courses on the credit/no credit option provided that: (1) The courses are not within the student's immediate area of specialization, (2) such courses account for no more than one sixth of the total number of course hours taken at UIC and counted toward a degree, and (3) the student submits the Credit/No Credit Option Form to the Graduate College by the tenth day of the fall or spring terms (fifth day of the summer term), with an advisor's signature. This option cannot be revoked after the close of the (tenth day of instruction - fall and spring terms)(fifth day of instruction - summer term). The student registers and pays for the course using the normal registration procedures. Note that some departments do not allow any credit/no credit hours to be used toward a degree, although courses not used toward a degree may be taken credit/no credit.

Instructors are not informed that the option has been elected, but assign a letter grade in the usual manner. The Office of Admissions and Records retains a record of the letter grade, but it is not entered on the student transcript. A grade of CR is recorded on the transcript if a letter grade of A, B, or C is earned. A grade of NC is recorded on the transcript if a letter grade of D or F is assigned. I and DFR grades are replaced by CR or NC upon completion of the course(s). The grades of CR and NC are not used in the computation of the grade point average.