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Seminar: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Environmental Changes

Course Description:

Taught by Krishna R. Reddy, Professor, Civil and Materials Engineering; Hormoz BassiriRad, Professor, Biological Sciences 

Planet earth has been experiencing increasing environmental assault from adverse human activities.  This course provides an overview of current components of global environmental change including their causes and consequences.  The course focuses on the sources and impacts of deterioriating air quality, water resources and quality, soil quality, greenhouse gasses, and global warming in native and urban ecosystems.  The need for interdisciplinary knowledge to assess, manage and restore environmental quality is emphasized.  Emerging strategies to prevent pollution through the development of recycling, green materials, emission reduction and clean manufacturing methods based on life cycle approaches are also presented and discussed.  In addition to regular lectures, presentations also will be given by experts from industry, government agencies and other institutions involved in global environmental change. 


Registration for the Graduate College Summer Interdisciplinary Seminars is by permission of the instructor. Beginning April 7, you may contact the appropriate faculty member listed for permission to enroll. Schedule and location are subject to change. Consult the faculty contact listed below to confirm this information.

Schedule of Classes 

GC 495, 3 hours, CRN 16228


May 19 - May 23, 2008
9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Krishna R. Reddy