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Teaching at UIC: A Handbook for Teaching Assistants-Acknowledgements

The online edition of Teaching at UIC: A Handbook for Teaching Assistants is heavily based on the Fall1997 revised edition print publication of the same title, edited by Susan L. Peverly and Julia Fish.  The original publication was revised in 2016, and put online as a resource to the UIC community, with ongoing additions, updates, and revisions,

The original publication was sponsored by The Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UIC (now the UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities (TLC) housed in Faculty Affairs).

The Graduate College would like to thank the original authors, editors, and sponsors, as well as the new contributors.  We would also like to express gratitude to Dr. Renee R. Taylor, Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, for use of the original publication.  

Original Acknowledgements for the Fall 1997 Edition

A project of this size is not accomplished without numer­ous people behind the scenes lending their time, energy and talents. A special thank you to all of the authors who they shared their passion for teaching and the challenges they face fulfilling that passion.

This handbook began with a developmental edition in 1996. The individuals involved in that edition, Fay Rosner, Co-editor and Jae Won Kim, Design Editor, laid the foun­dation for this edition. Thank you for your thorough and careful work on which we could build.

Thank you to two extraordinary graduate students, who are also excellent teaching assistants, Pamela Baker and Loretta Roach, who worked tirelessly with us, writing, edit­ing, and managing details. They gave voice to many of the issues TAs face in the classroom.

Marta Huszar, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, in UIC's School of Art and Design, gave of her time and remarkable talent to assist us with redesign of the hand­book. Marta and Loretta gave this edition its new appear­ ance, profile and energy. Thank you.

Thank you to the TA Advisory committee, a group of fac­ulty members, TAs and administrators dedicated to teaching and to UIC's students, who are involved in this project from conception to completion.

Barbara Boockmeier, ITA Program Coordinator
Elmer Burack, Management
Kathleen Crittenden, Sociology
Charles Cunningham, Kinesiology
Janet Engle, Pharmacy
Julia Fish, Art & Design
Derek Gold, Political Science
Richard Kassner, Biochemistry
Matthias Lu, chair, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy
Antonio Pagnamenta, Physics
Susan Peverly, Project Coordinator
Cynthia Poindexter, Social Work
Diann Porter, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
Karen Quinn, Academic Center for Excellence
Donald Wink, Chemistry

Thank you, also, to the Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the parent  group of the Advisory Committee. Their continued commitment to teaching made this project possible.

Gilbert Bassett, Economics
John Binder, Academic Affairs
Phyllis Bowen, Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Kathleen Crittenden, Sociology
Sumati Dubey, Social Work
Gustavo Espinosa, Radiology
Ann Feldman, English
James  Ferguson,  Physiology
Julia Fish, Art & Design
Ruth Garner, Education
David Hansen, Education
Donald Hellison, Kinesiology
Charles Hoch, Urban Planning & Policy
Joyce Johnson, Nursing
Richard Kassner, Biochemistry
Matthias Lu, Medical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy
Clifford Matthews, Chemistry
Antonio Pagnamenta, Physics
Susan Peverly, Project Coordinator
Sterling Plumpp, African-American Studies
Karen Quinn, Academic Center for Excellence
John Regalbuto, Chemical Engineering
Kelvin Rodolfo, Geological Sciences
Philip Royster, African-American Cultural Center
Avery Spunt, Pharmacy Practice
Saundra Theis, Nursing
Mary Glenn Wiley, Academic Affairs
Donald Wink, Chemistry

Co-editors Julia Fish Susan Peverly

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