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Gradaute College Executive Committee 2011-2012

Behavioral and Social Sciences
*Kevin Barnhurst Communication 2011-2013
@Artin Goncu Education 2010-2012
*Jack Prost Anthropology 2010-2012
@Michael Ragozzino Psychology 2010-2012
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
*W. Andreas Schroeder Physics 2011-2013
@Lewis Wedgewood Chemical Engineering 2010-2012
@Bob Kenyon Computer Science 2011-2013
Fine Arts and Humanities
*Jennifer Brier Gender & Women's Studies 2010-2012
*Elizabeth Loentz Germanic Studies 2011-2013
@Bruce Tharp Industrial Design 2011-2013
@Cristian Roa Latin American and Latino Studies 2011-2013
Life Sciences
*Serap Erdal Environmental and Occupational
Health Sciences
@Shahrbanoo Fadavi    Pediatric Dentistry 2011-2013
*James Unnerstall Anatomy & Cell Biology 2010-2012