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Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts and Humanities (ICAH)

Announcement Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014

Congratulations to our inaugural winners!

Rebecca Bivens (PhD student in Art History) and S. Elise Archias (Assistant Professor of Art History) for their collaboration entitled “Beyond the Autonomy/Relationality Binary,” which draws from art history, English, women's and gender studies, race and ethnicity studies, and critical theory, and will lead to a seminar at the Modernist Studies Association Conference, a symposium at Gallery 400, and (fingers crossed) an anthology centered on the “autonomy/relationality binary.” Ms. Bivens is mentored by Blake Stimson (Art History).

David Mulder (MArch student) and Matthew Wizinsky (Assistant Professor, School of Design, Graphic Design) for a project entitled “Pop Swipe Cinema: Proposal for Mobile Interactive Touch-Screen Cinema.” Their collaboration blends media, product design, architecture, and urbanism to create a prototype of a low-cost, large-scale fabric touchscreen" that can turn into a public pop-up interactive media space. Mr. Mulder is mentored by Stephanie Niebuhr (Architecture).

Courtney Prokopas (MFA student in Moving Image) and Lori Felker (Visiting Assistant Professor of Art) for “Venus from Flames: Prescribed Burns and their Role in Preserving Venus Flytraps.” This documentary film approaches ecology, public policy, conservation, botany, biological engineering, psychology, and sociology through the lens of filmmaking; more specifically, the duo focuses on a 60-square-mile patch of pocosin between stretching across the Carolinas, which is the only place on Earth where the Venus flytrap exists in nature. Ms. Prokopas is mentored by Ms. Felker.