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Holds on Students/Registration Blocks

A hold may be placed on a student's record for indebtedness to the University (e.g. unpaid tuition and fees or library fines), reasons pertaining to unmet financial aid obligations, academic or disciplinary reasons, or an incomplete medical immunization record.

A student with a hold on their record may not register, or in many cases, obtain transcripts until the hold is cleared with the office imposing the hold.

NOTE: BANNER is an integrated database used by all three University of Illinois campuses (UIUC, UIC, and UIS). A hold placed on one campus that affects a student's ability to register will also prevent registration on the other campuses. Therefore, for example, a student with a financial hold from UIUC will not be allowed to register at UIC or UIS until the hold is cleared. This is true of all holds that affect the ability of a student to register.

Academic Dismissal

The Graduate College may drop a student for limited status violations, academic probation, and other requirements such as failing preliminary or other exams, or failure to make satisfactory progress towards the degree. Because BANNER is an integrated database and an academic dismissal hold would prevent registration at the other U or I campuses, students dropped by the Graduate College for academic reasons will have their Academic Standing changed to "Drop" in BANNER. This action prevents registration at the campus where the drop was placed, but since it is technically not a hold, will not prevent future registrations at the other U of I campuses. NOTE: Only the Graduate College can drop a student for academic reasons. If a program wants to have a student dropped for a violation of program rules (failure to progress, limited status violations, etc.), the information must be sent to the Dean in the Graduate College for final action.

Admission Transcripts

An applicant may be admitted pending final official transcripts and/or mark sheets. When a student admitted on "Pending" status receives the official admission letter, information is included about when to submit the final official documents. If a student matriculates and has not satisfied this requirement after the first term, the Admission Office will place a hold on the student until the needed documents are submitted. These students will not be allowed to register until the hold is removed.


If a degree program has requested that advising holds are to be placed on students, this hold may only be cleared by that program office. Individual programs may have different requirements to release the hold, but once the student has satisfied the requirement for that term, the department must eliminate the hold in BANNER. (Note: Occasionally, a UIC undergraduate who matriculates to the Graduate College will have an undergraduate advising hold erroneously placed on their account after their last undergraduate term. Only the undergraduate college can remove the hold. Similarly, students who transfer between graduate programs may have the same situation occur. The old program must remove the hold to allow the student to register. Rarely, these type of occurrences may happen between the three campuses. The student's former campus must release the hold to allow registration at the new campus. This should only occur for one term.)


If a student is found to be guilty of disciplinary action by the Office of the Dean of Students, a disciplinary hold may be placed by that office for disciplinary action taken.


Students must clear all past due financial encumbrance before they are allowed to register. A financial hold is not reason to later approve a late registration petition (after the 10th day; 5th in summer) once the hold is eliminated.


Illinois state law mandates that all students, born on or after January 1, 1957, entering a postsecondary institution, are required to present documented proof of immunity against measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and diphtheria as a prerequisite to registration. Students in the health professions colleges are also required to provide proof of immunity against polio and tuberculosis.

An immunization hold will be placed on a record if the student is not properly immunized and has not submitted a written statement of medical or religious exemption. Registration will not be permitted until the medical immunization hold has been cleared. A comprehensive immunization record, certified by a health care provider, must be submitted to the Office of Medical Immunization Records prior to the student's appointed registration day.

Students registering only for off-campus courses or for no more than five credit hours are temporarily exempt from the immunization requirements. Prior to registering for on-campus courses or for more than five credit hours, students must submit proof of immunity or secure an approved medical or religious exemption.

Questions pertaining to acceptable proof of immunity may be directed to the Office of Medical Immunization Records, Room 1300, First Floor, Student Services Building, 1200 West Harrison Street, 413-0464.