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Candidates EECAC 2004

Conwell Anderson, Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology

I am an Associate Professor who has done research related to neural mechanisms for the control of reproduction. I have served as Director of Graduate Studies for many years in Anatomy and Cell Biology, and have been active on the Senate Executive Committee, the campus Faculty Advisory Committee, and numerous departmental and College of Medicine curriculum committees. I teach two graduate courses, and I was awarded a campus CETL, Teaching Recognition Program Award in 2002.

Phillip Bowman, Professor, African American Studies

[No further information was provided to the Graduate College]

Bruce Calder,  Associate Professor, History

[No further information was provided to the Graduate College]

Erminio Costa, Professor, Biochemistry

I am a professor of Biochemistry in Psychiatry and I am a member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1982 (Section: Physiology and Pharmacology). My experience in UIC Graduate College Executive Committee is very limited. I have always stated my interest to be involved but my offers have never been considered. I was hired at UIC as a member in 1996. I am the Director of the Psychiatric Institute and I have an extended research experience at NIH and Columbia University. I earned my MD and the corresponding to a PHD in Pharmacology in Italy before my immigration to the USA in 1956. I have a list of publications of over 1000 contributions documenting my research activity over a period of 56 years. At 80 years of age I am publishing and directly involved in inspiring and supervising research in Neuroscience. I am eager to help.

James Gavelek, Associate Professor, College of Education

I believe that two of the most important functions that we serve as university faculty is in hiring our colleagues and recruiting outstanding students for doctoral study. To accomplish the latter we must be prepared to both recognize the excellence of and provide financial support for worthy candidates. The University's Graduate fellowship program is integral to seeing that this is accomplished.

Presently, I am coordinator of doctoral studies in our Literacy, Language, and Culture specialization in the College of Education. Previous to coming to UIC I was recognized, college-wide, (Michigan State University) for my contributions to doctoral studies.

As Woody Allen once said 90% of life is simply being there. Students' doctoral studies consists of far more than courses taken. They must have the opportunity to work closely with faculty in developing and honing their inquiry skills. They must also abe able to participate in and contribute to an ethos of scholarship within the program at large. To do so means that they must be amply supported - both intellectually and financially.

Siddharta Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I joined UIC in Fall 2003 and I have had a great time on this vibrant campus. I am on the Graduate Committee in ECE department and serving on this committee is getting me acquainted to the academic policies here at UIC. I was a graduate student less than a year back and I think I can relate very strongly to needs and expectations of the students her at UIC. 

Peter Hales, Professor, Art History

Twenty-four years of teaching at UIC, supervising and advising research, scholarly and creative production for BFAs, MFAs, MAs, and PhDs has enlivened my sense of the rejuvenating potential of young scholar-artists both to their own disciplines and to the large practice of a considered, nuanced, self-critical life. The best work I've seen, and the work I most admire, is simultaneously adventurous, individualistic, and grounded in fact, material, and tradition. That combination is what UIC offers and has offered since its founding.

Alice Johnson, Professor, College of Social Work

Alice K. Johnson joined the Graduate Faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000. Since coming to UIC, her research has focused on policy and service delivery for homeless families, and innovative teaching methods and curriculum development in community organization and development. Dr. Johnson was appointed Editor of the Journal of Community Practice in 2002. She has served as Chair of the Community and Administrative Practice Committee, and as a member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, Search Committee, and Executive Committee of the College. She is a member of the UIC Promotion and Tnure Committee (2001-2004). Currently, Dr. Johnson is Principal Investigator of a university-to-university partnership between UIC and Addis Ababa University to establish the first-ever master's degree in social work in Ethiopia. 

G. Ali Mansoori, Professor, Chemical Engineering

With the new directions in the graduate education on the national level we, at UIC, need to consider them for our programs. If I am elected I will serve to bring about new ideas which include mor emphasis on interdisciplinary educational approaches, emerging educational techniques and topics (like nanoscience and nanotechnology) and ways for recruitment of high quality graduate students. I am an editor for Journal of Computational Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, ASTM Int'l Journal and co-editor of Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering.

David Marker, Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

I am a professor in the department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science specializing in Mathematical Logic. I have been a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, a Centennial Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and a University Scholar. I have served as Director of Graduate Studies in MSCS, on the Graduate College Awards and Executive Committee and on the Senate Committee on Education Policy.

Beverly McElmurry, Professor, Nursing Sciences

[No further information was provided to the Graduate College]

Christian Messenger, Professor, English

I have been at UIC in the English Department since 1976. On three separate occasions, I have been Associate Director of Graduate Studies in English in a program that has approximately one hundred Ph.D. students. I currently direct four dissertations and have directed three completed dissertations since 2001. Between 2001-04, I have served on seventeen Ph.D. Examination committees. I have served on the LAS Executive Committee and was Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 1999-2001.

Margaret Miner, Associate Professor, French

I'm currently Associate Professor of French at UIC, where I've taught since 1995. My specialty is nineteenthj-century French literature, with emphasis on poetrym short fiction, and relations between music and literature. I've been Director of Graduate Studies in French since 1998; in light of my experience shepherding various students through fellowship applications, I'm increasingly interested in the Award Committee's work and eager to help with it.

James Phillips, Professor, Anthropology

Having been a member of the Graduate College for over thirty years, and Director of Graduate Studies in my department (Anthropology) for many years, I have come to the conclusion that the number one problem for Graduate Education at UIC is funding of the Graduate Students. As an example, only twelve University fellowships were granted in the recruitment round this past month, due to lack of funds. Further, even with the raise to $16,000 a year plus Tuition and Fees, we really cannot compete, financially, with other institutions, both public and private. In the Social Sciences or Humanities, we do not usually have funds to "top off" these Fellowships, and therefore we lose fine candidates to these other Institutions. If elected, I would like the Graduate Executive Committee to address the problem of funding of graduate students, understanding that our role will be as impetus and initiator, rather than that of "recruitment."

A. Simon Pickard, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy

I joined the College of Pharmacy in 2001 with a tenure-track position in the department of Pharmacy Practice and am a core faculty member at the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research, UIC. I am presently a member of the UIC Faculty Senate and would be happy to be considered for the Awards Committee. I previously served on a Graduate Studies Awards Committee at my Alma Mater.

Paul Pieper, Professor, Economics

[No further information was provided to the Graduate College]

Anna Roosevelt, Professor, Anthropology

My experience on awards committees includes service for the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships. I also have reviewed for Fulbright, the MacArthur Fellowships, and National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships. I have nominated for the American Association for the Advancement of Science and American Anthropological Association awards committees. I would like to learn more about UIC awards and how they are made.

Stephen Yau, Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

I joined UIC in 1980 when I received a Sloan Fellowship. I got a Guggenheim Award in 2000 and an IEEE Fellow Award in 2003. I shall be fair to everyone.