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Financial Obligation/Encumbrances

By registering, students accept the financial obligation to pay all assessed tuition and fees. Only through official cancellation of registration (before the first day of the term for total elimination of charges), or official term withdrawal (for pro-rata refund, from week one through ten in fall and spring; week one through five in summer), or course drops (by the fifth-day in summer/tenth-day in fall and spring for only partial elimination of charges if the drop results in a range change) will students' tuition and fee responsibilities be canceled or reduced, respectively. Failure to provide payment does not eliminate the financial obligation or cancel any registration.

Students who wish to cancel their registration or withdraw from all classes for the term should use the UIC Web for Student, through the tenth-day (fifth in summer) of the term. There, they would drop all classes but one, and then follow the directions to initiate the cancellation or withdraw from the last course, as BANNER does not allow the student to drop the final class. The student clicks on the "Submit" button, which triggers an email to the Office of Registration and Records to drop the final class.

After the tenth-day (fifth-day in summer) the student must complete a University Withdrawal form (available in program offices and the Graduate College), obtaining signatures from the Director of Graduate Studies, the Office of International Students and Staff (for students on a visa) and the Graduate College. The official date of the withdrawal is the date signed (received) in the Graduate College. If the form is delayed in the mail this could impact the amount of refund the student will receive, as the Graduate College does not backdate forms. Therefore, it is preferable for the form to be hand-delivered.

All students who register during priority or open registration, and who do not cancel before the first day of classes, will receive an E-Bill monthly once classes begin. Students will be directed to view the "E-Bill" at the Student Self-Service.  Paper bills are no longer mailed effective 11/01/04. Payment in full is due within one month unless specified otherwise on the statement. E-Bills for students who register during the late period are available during the next monthly billing cycle. Payment is due by the date specified on the statement.  When registering, students are able to view an assessment of charges for their current registration.  This is different from the E-Bill which is a monthly snapshot.

Failure to pay in full by the required date will result in a financial encumbrance, or hold, being placed on the student's record. Encumbered students will be unable to add courses for the current term, register for any subsequent term(s), or receive transcripts until their account is paid up. Holds are effective for all three University of Illinois campuses (Chicago, Urbana, Springfield), so overdue financial obligations at one campus will stop student registration activity at the other campuses. Students may pay their financial obligation for any campus at any other campus.

The accounts of students receiving tuition and fee waivers are credited automatically. Because of the timing of the input of the award in Banner, the award may not be credited to the student's account early enough to be reflected in the first monthly E-Bill. Students with either BOT Graduate College tuition and service-fee waivers or assistantship tuition and service-fee waivers should deduct the cost of tuition and service fee from their first monthly E-Bill, and pay the remainder. The waiver should be credited to the student's account by the second billing period, assuming the student is registered for the required hours.

See also Registration; Withdrawal and Cancellation; and Tuition and Fee Waivers; Refund - Pro-rata; Holds on Students