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Transfer of Credit

Consideration is given to the transfer of credit for:

  • Graduate work taken prior to matriculation in a graduate program at UIC, for which a degree was not awarded.
  • Graduate work completed elsewhere after admission to a graduate program at UIC and for which a degree was not awarded, either at UIC or elsewhere. Students considering taking graduate work elsewhere during a leave of absence should consult their advisor and director of graduate studies about such plans and the courses that may be considered for transfer.
  • Nondegree graduate work that has not been applied to any earned degree.
  • Graduate work completed in the senior year at UIC that was not applied to the baccalaureate.
  • Recognized credit (32 hours) for a previously earned master's degree, applied to a relevant doctoral program.  [Note:  Technically this is not transfer credit, but recognition of advanced standing in the doctoral program, i.e. recognition that the student has already completed the equivalent of the master's degree.]  See below for more details.

To be considered for transfer, graduate work must have been completed in an accredited institution approved by one of the regional accreditation associations or by the agencies recognized by the Council on Post-Secondary Education, and must meet the quality and content of courses offered at UIC.

For probation and graduation purposes, transfer credit is not computed in the cumulative grade point average or Graduate Degree GPA unless such credit was earned in courses taken at UIC.

Limits on Transfer Credit
The specific number of credit hours accepted for transfer is determined on an individual basis. No transfer is automatic.

Maximum Allowed Transfer Credit: No more than 25 percent of the hours required for a master’s degree requiring 32—47 hours of credit, or more than 50 percent of the hours required for a master’s degree requiring 48 or more hours of credit, can be transferred from another institution or another college at UIC. Doctoral students may transfer in no more than 25 percent of the hours required for the degree. This limit is for courses taken as a student in another college at UIC or another institution, but not coursework taken in a different program within the Graduate College at UIC. Transfer credit is considered only for courses in which the student received a grade of A or B. Credit earned more than six calendar years before admission to the Graduate College is not usually accepted for transfer.

Nondegree Credit: Nondegree students who are admitted as degree candidates may, by petition, transfer up to 12 semester hours of graduate-level courses in which grades of A or B were earned. This does not count towards the limits of transfer credit listed above.

Time Limit: Courses taken over six (6) years from the time of matriculation into the UIC program the work is to be used for are not eligible for transfer.

A Graduate Petition for Transfer Credit Toward an Advanced Degree is required for all transfers of credit except the 32 hours of credit for a prior master’s degree (see below). The graduate program evaluates the student’s petition and makes a recommendation to the Graduate College. The petition should show the courses recommended for transfer by the graduate program and the number of semester hours of credit received. Students must attach to the petition an original transcript showing grades if courses were not taken at UIC, and a certification from the registrar or college dean of the applicable institution stating that the courses are graduate-level and were not used toward fulfillment of the requirements for a degree if not self-evident from the transcript itself.

Credit for Prior Master's Degree

Doctoral candidates who have previously earned a master’s degree or its equivalent approved by one of the regional accreditation associations or by the agencies recognized by the Council on Post Secondary Education may be granted 32 semester hours of credit toward the doctoral degree if approved by the program and the Graduate College at the time of admission. The 32 hours are subtracted from the total hours required from the baccalaureate. The 32 hours are not counted toward the maximum allowed transfer credit limit or computed in the cumulative GPA or Degree GPA. A petition is not required as the academic program will request this from the Graduate College either at the time of admission, or later, via a memo.  Granting of the 32 hours recognized credit is at the discretion of the academic program and the Graduate College. .