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Graduate College Awards Committee AY 2017-2018

Arts and Humanities
*Anne Eaton Philosophy 2015-2018
*Malgorzata (Gosia) Fidelis History 2016-2019
@Omur Harmansah Art History 2017-2018
*Margaret Miner French & Francophone Studies 2015-2018
@*Dianna Niebylski Hispanic and Italian Studies 2015-2018
@Daria Tsoupikova Design 2017-2018
Behavioral and Social Sciences
*Brian Bauer Anthropology 2015-2018
*Claire Decoteau Sociology 2017-2020
@Chang-ming Hsieh Social Work 2017-2018
*Sylvia Morelli Vitousek Psychology 2016-2019
*Michelle Parker-Katz Special Education 2017-2020
@Andrew Rojecki Communication 2017-2018
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
@Tom Driver Chemistry 2017-2018
@Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi Physics 2017-2018
@*Salman Khetani Bioengineering 2015-2018
*Lin Li Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2015-2018
*Sudip K. Mazumder Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017-2020
*Dhruv Mubayi Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science 2016-2019
Life Sciences
@Maria Barbolina Biopharmaceutical Sciences 2017-2018
@Kirstie Danielson Surgery 2017-2018
*Linda S. Forst Public Health-EOHS 2017-2020
@*Roberta Mason-Gamer Biological Sciences 2015-2018
*Terry Moore Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy 2015-2018
*Julienne N. Rutherford Nursing 2016-2019
*Elected (3 year term) 4 per division  
@Appointed (1 year term) 2 per division  
@*Appointed replaces elected faculty member from same department for remainder of elected term
(one year)