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UIC TA Handbook - Questions to Ask your Faculty Supervisor

Prior to the first day of class, it will be helpful to know the answers to the following questions. Some of the information will appear on the course syllabus, so be sure to obtain one as soon as you can. Other questions need to be addressed directly to your faculty supervisor.

About The Course

  • What text is being used for the course, what chapters will be covered and when?
  • How will homework be assigned? Collected? Graded? If homework is due every week, on what day of the week will it be collected? Will homework be returned in a following lecture or in a discussion section?
  • How many quizzes, tests or exams will there be? When and where will they take place?
  • What is the grading scheme for the course? What percentage of the grade is each exam? the final? assignment? homework? What part of the student's final grade is based on attendance? When are grades due for midterms? for finals?

About Your Teaching Responsibilities

  • What will your teaching responsibilities include for the course? for each class?
  • How will grading be split up between the TAs and the professor?
  • Will you be required to proctor exams?
  • What are you expected to do on the first day of class? "If there is a Problem"
  • Where is the professor's office? When are his or her office hours?
  • What is the best way to reach him or her? by e-mail? home phone? office phone? When is the best time?

Note: It Is important that you be familiar with official add/drop deadlines for the college(s) your students are enrolled in.

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