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Featured Award Winners

FMC Technologies Educational Fellowship

Bridgett Stone, MBA Student, 2015

Bridgett Stone is a second year MBA student specializing in Entrepreneurship and Management of Information Systems. She is originally from Springfield, IL, and received a B.A. in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Bridgett is interested in strategic management and analytic applications to business, as well as emphasizing the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet. She hopes to apply her background in anthropology to the international business center of Chicago.     





DAAD Fellowship

Nicolas Garcia Mills, Philosophy Doctoral Student, 2015

I am a PhD student in the Philosophy Department. My research project focuses on the practical philosophies of Immanuel Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. During my year at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt on a DAAD research fellowship, I hope to both continue to figure out Hegel's criticisms of Kant's moral philosophy and also make sense of Hegel's appropriation of the Aristotelian concept of habit as a "second nature" as a way of avoiding the Kantian pitfalls.



National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

John Mulrow, Civil and Materials Engineering Doctoral Student, 2015

Mohamed Elshakawy, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Doctoral Student, 2013

Abdel Halloway, Biological Sciences Doctoral Student, 2013

Sarah Manandahar, Anthropology Doctoral Student, 2013 

Sandra Smith, Biological Sciences Doctoral Student, 2013 

Dawson White,  Biological Sciences Doctoral Student, 2013

I am studying the diversity, evolution, and geographic distributions of plants in the Coca family. This work involves systematic study of the morphology and genetics of these plant species to understand how they are related to one another and how they have evolved their different shapes in space and time.



Maisie Gholson, Education and Curriculum Instruction Doctoral Student






Georgina Ruff, Art History Doctoral Student, Research Award, 2014

Georgina Ruff is a PhD candidate in Art History, currently writing her dissertation: "Beyond Light and Space: How the Lamp Changes Everything." This study turns the focus from the phenomenological effects of post-war light art to the technological means of the works production, casting a wider net that includes film and performance theories, the techniques of media archaeology, and the considerations of new media to analyze these ephemeral and technological works of installation. She is currently a recipient of the UIC Dean's Scholar Award and her research was previously supported by a DAAD Fellowship and a Mellon Fellowship to the NYU Seminar in Technological Art History. See her CV here.


Vietnamese Education Foundation

Linh Phan, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Masters Student, 2013

My research topic is about "Chicago Transit Authority Train Noise Exposure". The objective is to characterize the noise exposure of riders and drivers of the Chicago Transit Authority Transport System (CTA). This study will contribute to our understanding of the magnitude and determinants of urban noise exposure.

Trang Pham, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Doctoral Student, 2011

Boren Fellowship

Joy Peplinski, Biological Sciences Doctoral Student, Brazil, 2014






Alyssa Budoff, MPH in Community Health Sciences, Haiti, 2014