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Mission Statement

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The mission of the International Teaching Assistant Program at UIC is to assist colleges and departments in making oral English proficiency determinations, to manage records of certification, and to assist ITAs in reaching the goal of acceptable intelligibility.


“I’ve never seen these instructors. That means the instructors were absolutely passionate to make students participate and encourages to the interaction. It was nice to meet Sarah and Rachel.”  -Student Fall 2012-

“I like this class. I think it really help me with pronunciation. It also showed the importance of clear speech.” -Student Fall 2012-

“This course is very good! I like it very much! It helps me a lot. When I came to USA in the August, I could hardly say a complete sentence in English. Now, I could deliver a 10 minute presentation! It is great! Thank you very much!” -Student Fall 2012-

“Very good, I have learnt a lot of things such as presentation skills, correct pronunciation. All of them benefits me a lot.”  -Student Fall 2012-

"Nice class.  Enjoy it so much." -Student Spring 2013-


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