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ITA Orientation

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ITA Orientation 2014

Orientation for all new and incoming international teaching assistants will be on Tuesday 19 August 2014 from 12:00pm - 3:00pm at the UIC Forum, 1st Floor, Rooms D, E, & F. It will be part of the OIS Orientation and only current International Teaching Assistants will be asked to attend.  You will not miss any crucial information for the general OIS Orientation.
Tuesday’s Orientation for new International TAs will be held on the first floor of the UIC Forum which is on the southeast corner of Halsted St. and Roosevelt Rd. (725 W. Roosevelt Rd.)  The UIC Forum is accessible by the #8-Halsted buses and the UIC Shuttle.  An Orientation for New International Students sponsored by the Office of International Scholars will be held in the UIC Forum during the morning hours.  There is a parking structure south of the UIC Forum, the entrance in on Union and Maxwell Sts

To register for New ITA and TA Orientation, please click You will need your UIN and ibT/TOEFL  or IELTS scores. International teaching assistants should register for BOTH the New TA Orienation on Monday and the International TA Orientation on Tuesday.  The ITA Orientation is in the same location as OIS New International Student Orientation and only new ITAs will be asked to attend the 3-hour ITA Orientation.

12:00-12:15     Sign-in, UIC Forum Lobby

12:15-12:30    Welcome and Introduction to the ITA Program
                        Vandana Loebel, ITA Program Coordinator
                        Katie Sauers, ITA Instructor
                        Jennifer Taylor, ITA Instructor

12:30-12:45   The ITA Experience
                       Assistant Professor Jun Cheng, Department of Biological Sciences

12:50-1:25     Breakout Sessions—I (small group interactions)

                       •   Communicating From the Start – Katie Sauers
                       •   Dynamic Academic Discussions – Jennifer Taylor

1:30-2:05      Breakout Sessions—II (switch groups)

2:10-2:45      ITA Panel consisting of 3-4 experienced ITAs. 

2:45--3:00    Wrap up and prizes

Communicating from the Start
Katie Sauer, Tutorium in Intensive English Lecturer and ITA Program
From day one, TAs are expected to control their classroom. This session goes over some of the issues that might happen and how an ITA might handle them as effectively as possible. It is not just the words you say that affect understanding: it is also the tone and the clarity of your speaking. A person can’t change his or her linguistic ability overnight, but being aware of what might happen and how students might perceive you can make a difference.

Dynamic Academic Discussions
Jennifer Taylor, Instructor ITA Program
As a TA you will encounter many situations where students will come to you to ask questions about the material you present in class. Students may ask legitimate questions during class or during your office hours, but at times they may distract the class and speak about unrelated things. In addition, as an ITA  you may have situations where you need to get the students more involved by engaing them in question and answer sessions. All of this involves being able to use confirmation or clarification checks and repair strategies to solve potential communication breakdowns with  your students.

For other useful information for new ITAs, please click here.


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