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Image of Research 2017 Competition

A picture is worth a thousand words...

The Graduate College and the University Library are pleased to announce UIC's 10th annual interdisciplinary exhibit competition, The Image of Research. This multi-disciplinary competition is open to any student enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at UIC for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Through May 31, 2017, graduate and professional students are invited to submit a static image or a moving image-based work that is evocative of their research. (Image could be created as part of the research process itself, or to represent a student's research.)

Moving image entries are considered separately from the static image entries. Students may submit to both categories, but the images and the research they represent must be significantly different from one another.

A multi-disciplinary jury will review submissions and award prizes to the winning entries. Images will be judged on originality, relationship to the student's research at UIC, and overall impact. An exhibit of the winners will be on display in the Richard J. Daley Library and the Library of Health Sciences. Winning entries will become part of the University Archives and will remain in an online gallery on the Graduate College website and in the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) database.

  • 1st Prize:  $500 
  • 2nd Prize: $300 
  • 3rd Prize:  $200 
  • Honorable Mentions: $100
  • Winner of Moving Image Category: $500

In addition, for this year's special, 10th anniversary, there will be two "best-of" awards:

  • Best Still Image of 10 Years of IoR, people's pick (attendees of the Fall 2017 reception will have a chance to vote among the jury-selected semi-finalists)
  • Best Moving Image of 10 Years of IoR, jury's pick

Competition Guidelines:

  1. Only one entry per person or collaborative group for each category (still and moving).
  2. Entrant(s) must have been enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at UIC for the 2016-2017 academic year. .
  3. Submission must have been generated as part of the student's research within their graduate program at UIC, or to represent their research.
  4. Entrant(s) must be principal creator(s) of image. Collaborative submissions are encouraged.
  5. Submissions will be accepted through May 15, 2017.
  6. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that any relevant permissions have been sought, that no copyright has been infringed, and that any necessary release forms have been signed.
  7. For static image entries, select one image that you think provides the best visual documentation of your research, and save it with a file name consisting of your last name and the name of your program with no spaces in between. E.g. JonesArtHistory.tiff. This file must be in TIFF format at 300 PPI with the longest side of the image measuring at least 10.25 inches (or pixel dimensions of 3000 x 2300 pixels). Select an uncompressed image file with the highest detail possible. Do not artificially manipulate the size of your image in a photo-editing software as that will not improve the resolution. If you do not have a file of sufficient size/resolution, please try to take another photograph or select a different image. Panoramic images are not allowed.
  8. For moving image entries, videos can be up to two minutes long (including credits) and must be high resolution HD quality of 1920x1080p (preferred) or 1920x1080i (240 - 350 DPI). If the video has an audio component, submitters should have copyright for the audio or use something under Creative Commons licensing. Upload the video to YouTube and be sure to enable embedding so that the Image of Research jury can view it through the submissions page.
  9. Provide a 100-200 word description of your research and how the image you are submitting provides visual documentation of your overall work at UIC. This description must include, but is not limited to, an explanation of how the image relates to your research. You may also include such information as what the image represents (if it is not immediately apparent), and where and/or how the image was created.  

Note: when you click the link below, you will be prompted to login with your netid and password. Contact exhibit coordinator Kevin Monahan if you have questions about the competition or any problems with the submission form.

Submit your image here! The submission deadline is Monday, May 15, 2017.

(**If you experience login issues after attempting to login using the "Submit" link above, please contact Kevin for assistance.**)