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How is the PE Scored

How is the PE Scored?

The PE is scored according to the following 10 elements. Each element is scored as a 40, 50, or 60. The total score is then added and averaged, so the final score will fall between 40 and 60.

1. Pronunciation (vowel/consonant production, word stress, thought groups)
2. Grammar/Vocabulary (basic sentence structure, verb tense consistency, subject/verb agreement, sufficient amount of working vocabulary)
3. Delivery (volume, pace/pausing, time management)
4. Non-Verbal Presentation Skills (eye contact, visual support, comfort/confidence)
5. Verbal Presentation Skills (use of transistions, use of examples/analogies)
6. Interactive Competence (fielding of Questions, checking for comprehension)
7. Interactive Competence (handling of miscommunication, use of repair strategies
8. Interactive Competence (well-formed quiz question, allowing wait time for students to answer, clear explanation of information)
9. Interactive Competence (use of key word timing/prominence to communicate meaning)
10. Interactive Competence (tone choice/intonation: variation of tone choices)