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How do I prepare for the PE

How do I prepare for the PE?

The ITA must prepare the following:

  • A 10 minute presentation on oneof twotopic choices that is sent to the ITA 36 hours before the scheduled appointment time. The presentation should be prepared as if the ITA were going to present the information to an undergraduate student or someone who is unfamiliar with the field.
  • Prepare a handout that will help students better understand the material. Bring copies to the presentation:
  • It should be in outline form. Do not include too much information.
  • t can include pictures, formulas, charts, or graphs that will help understanding.
  • It should leave enough room so students can take notes.
  • One quiz question that checks the “student” evaluator’s understanding of some aspect of the material presented. The quiz question should require a little thinking on the part of the “student.” For example, an appropriate quiz question might be: Name the steps in the process presented, and specific your understanding of the purpose/function of each step. 


  • Make an outline of the material that you intend to present. Keep in mind that the presentation is only 10 minutes. Do not try to cover the entire topic in 10 minutes.
  • Make notes or highlight key words, and practice the pronunciation with a native speaker.
  • Be prepared to give clear examples or analogies in order to illustrate the concepts.
  • Prepare more than one quiz question ahead of time, so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to ask at the end of the presentation. Check with a native speaker for grammar and spelling.
  • Think about what you will put on the board and how you will organize the board visually, so that it is easy for the student to understand.
  • Think of questions that the student might ask you during the presentation, so that you are prepared to answer them.
  • Practice giving your presentation out loud a few times.

What NOT to do:

  • Power Point presentations are not accepted. We want to evaluate your language and presentation skills, as well as your interaction skills.
  • Donot write out your presentation word for word or plan to read it from a piece of paper. The PE is designed to assess your language and presentation skills, as well as your interaction skills.
  • Do not try to cover too much information. Technical terms and essential background information should not be the focus of the presentation. Remember it is only 10 minutes long, and meant to be presented to students at an introductory level, not to professors or colleagues.