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Graduate College Diversity Awards Committee AY 2017-2018

Arts and Humanities
@Cynthia Blair History 2017-2018
*Ronak K. Kapadia Museum & Exhibition Studies (Gender & Women's Studies) 2017-2019
Behavioral and Social Sciences    
@Nilda Flores-Gonzalez Sociology 2017-2018
*Anna C. Roosevelt Anthropology 2017-2019
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences    
*Jeremiah Abiade Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2017-2019
@Laura Anderson Chemistry 2017-2018
Life Sciences    
*Hyunwoo Lee Biopharmaceutical Sciences 2017-2019
@William Walden Microbiology and Immunology 2017-2018
*Elected (2 year term) 1 per division  
@Appointed (1 year term)** 1 per division  
**Note:  This is the first year of this committee.
In following years, all members will be elected to
two-year staggered terms.