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Graduate College Awards Committee AY 2012-2013

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Sophia Marinova Managerial Studies 2011-2014
Pam Popielarz Sociology 2010-2013
Andrew Rojecki Communication 2010-2013
Anna Roosevelt Anthropology 2011-2014
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
David Eddington Bioengineering 2012-2015
Cecilia Gerber Physics 2012-2015
Brooke Shipley Mathematics, Statistics
& Computer Sciences
Duncan Wardrop Chemistry 2011-2014
Fine Arts and Humanities
Hannah Higgins Art History 2012-2015
Connie Meinwald Philosophy 2012-2015
Margaret Miner French and Francophone 2010-2013
Jennifer Reeder Art and Design 2012-2015
Life Sciences
Joanna Burdette Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy 2010-2013
Yogesh Dwivedi Psychiatry (Neuroscience) 2012-2015
Serap Erdal Environmental & Occupational         
Health Sciences
Chiayeng Wang Denistry 2012-2015