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GC 510

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GC 510: Communication and Teaching Methods for International Teaching Assistants

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to help students:

  • complete the oral English certification process
  • improve overall ability to communicate in English in an academic setting
  • develop presentation skills for the classroom or lab
  • improve pronunciation in classroom settings and student interactions
  • better understand the cultural aspects of American universities 

How many times a week does the class meet?

      Twice per week:

  1. Weekly two-hour class session (begins in week 2 of the semester): The focus of the class is to help you communicate more clearly in the American classroom. You will practice presenting field information to undergraduates and receive feedback and advice on how to improve. In addition, you will practice pronunciation and develop language-compensation tips and strategies for interacting with students.
  2. Weekly one-hour presentation workshop (begins in week 4)You will participate in 9 weekly presentation workshops outside of regular class time where you will either deliver a 5-8 minute mini-lecture in your field or provide feedback to your classmates. 

Course Topics (subject to change):

  • pronunciation
  • using visuals (making handouts and using a whiteboard)
  • asking effective questions
  • answering student questions
  • body language
  • office hours
  • email
  • USA classroom culture
  • classroom managemen

        Observations: In addition to the above requirements, if an ITA is actively teaching (leading a lab or discussion section), an observation will be required            at least once during the semester.