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Financial Obligations & Refunds

Students should carefully verify their registration using UIC Student Self Service after completing any online registration transction to ensure that they are officially registered in the correct courses and sections and for the correct number of credit hours. Special attention should be paid to courses with variable credit as it will default to the lowest allowed number of hours unless the student specifically changes it.  See also the  Payment Obligation, Refund Schedule, and Withdrawal from the University sections on the Office of Admissions and Records website. 

The act of registering for courses obligates students to pay all related tuition and fees unless one of the following procedures takes place:

Cancellation of Registration

If a student completes the oline procedure to drop all courses and hours (i.e. drop the last class for which the student is registered) through the official tenth day of the Fall or Spring semesters (official fifth day in summer 8-week session; see calendar for 4-week deadlines), he/she is eligible for a full refund of tuition and related fees.

Withdrawal from the University

A pro rata refund of tuition and fees (excluding health service and Student Health Insurance fees) will be issued to students who withdraw after official tenth day of the Fall or Spring semesters (official fifth day in summer 8-week session; see calendar for 4-week deadlines). Before a refund is made to the student, the university will make a refund to the appropriate financial aid programs providing assistance to the student. Any amount remaining will be paid to the student.

Dropping a course

If a student drops a course(s) from the official first day though the officeial tenth day (official fifth day in summer 8-week session; see calendar for 4-week deadlines) of the term, and by so doing changes the tuition range, he or she is eligible to receive a refund or credit for the difference in range.  Any reduction of hours or range change after these periods, unless withdrawing from all courses, does not result in a refund.

Withdrawal by an Auditor

A full refund to a course visitor (audit status) is issued if the withdrawal is made within the first ten days of instruction of the semester or the first five days of instruction of the summer session. Thereafter, no refund is made.

Refund on Withdrawal to Enter Military Service

A graduate student who must withdraw due to being called into active service with the armed forces in a national or state emergency (including being called up for the Active Reserve Forces and the National Guard) will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. The refund of tuition and fees for graduate students who receive financial aid from federal and state programs and private foundations will be governed according to the rules and regulations of those organizations. For students who hold fellowships, the Graduate College will make every effort to restore those awards upon return to UIC. Assistantships (teaching, research or graduate) are awarded by colleges, graduate programs, research centers and administrative offices, and graduate students who have assistantships should check with those units about the availability of the assistantships upon return from active military service. Graduate students living in university residences will receive a pro rata refund for room and board based on the date of withdrawal. It is the student's responsibility to present proof of active service status for these actions to occur. (See Withdrawal From the University for additional information.)

Application Fee

The above refund policies do not apply to the application fee, which is not refundable.