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Chancellor’s Graduate Research Fellowship

Announcement Date: 
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Application Deadline: 
Monday, October 6, 2014

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the Chancellor’s Graduate Research Fellowship is September 15th. Administered through the Graduate College, this award provides $4000 in support of graduate student research projects to be carried out in the Spring and/or Summer semesters which are interdisciplinary in nature, and the fellowship can be renewed in the same amount for a second year. While you can read more about this particular research-oriented fellowship and obtain the necessary application materials at, I would like to emphasize a few aspects of the fellowship here that make it a good fit for students who need a supplement for already existing research funds or are carrying out a small-scale project or pilot project that requires a modest amount of funding.

By interdisciplinary, we mean that the research project involves theory, methods, and/or creative approaches that cross traditional disciplinary lines, and the student is either carrying out the research in direct collaboration with, or consulting with, scholars in varying disciplines at UIC. This description fits a great number of graduate student research projects at UIC, and past recipients of the award have been from departments as diverse as History, Social Work, Economics, Psychology, Education, Biology, Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Germanic Studies, and Community Health Sciences. For example, a student in Social Work received an award last year for a project that examined the effects of a music studio space on helping homeless youth in a transitional living program to cope with stress, research that integrated research in the fields of social work, communication, psychology, and performing arts. Another successful applicant from the Psychology Department combined work in the fields of psychology, biology, neuroscience and psychiatry to explore the question of whether neurobehavioral biomarkers for depression predict a family history of psychopathology.

The first stage of application, due on September 15th, is a letter of intent (LOI) that requires only a brief description of the student project and it is submitted directly by the student. The second stage involves the more detailed application, which requires a letter from the student’s faculty mentor, two additional support letters, three short essays by the student, and additional documentation. The application must be compiled and submitted by the student's department by October 6th.

Please contact me at ( if you have questions about this award.