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Fellows Mentoring and Support Initiative

Program and Goal

The purpose of the Graduate College’s (GC) Fellows Mentoring and Support Initiative is to expand outreach efforts to Diversifying Faculty in Higher Education in Illinois (DFI) and Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln) Fellowship recipients at UIC. DFI and Lincoln Fellows have access to additional mentoring, advice, and referral support from GC faculty and staff.  Fellows can meet in a "home away from home" setting to engage in various career development workshops, scholarly, and community-building events. The GC Assistant and Associate Deans and other staff will serve as mentors.  The mentoring network includes alumni recipients of the DFI and Lincoln Fellowships.

Activities and Services

The Fellows Mentoring Initiative has five components.

  • One-on-one Meetings - GC Assistant Dean and Staff hold individual appointments for Fellows to discuss academic, professional, and other related to success in their graduate programs.
  • Peer Mentoring - Junior graduate students are encouraged to connect with advanced graduate mentors. Alumni of DFI and UIC Lincoln Fellowships also serve as mentors to fellows.
  • Career Development -  Fellows are also encouraged to participate in GC-sponsored career and professional development workshops on abstract writing, job talks, stress management, etc.
  • Scholarly Colloquia - Fellows present their research alumni, faculty, and staff to obtain critical, but supportive feedback for improvement. Four to six sessions are held each year.
  • Conferences and Receptions - The Annual GC Fellowship Reception and the Preparing Future Faculty Conference are additional opportunities for professional development and acknowledgment of Fellows' academic and professional achievements.  

Fellows may schedule an appointment or obtain more information please contact: Lunaire D. Ford, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate College, or (312) 413-2556.