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Course Listings

Graduate students receive credit towards graduation for 400- and 500-level courses (some exceptions apply).  Students need to check with academic advisors in the program of study for advise on actual courses. 

100-300 level courses are usually open for registration to graduate students, and credit appears on the transcript for any such courses that may be taken by the student; however, these courses do not count towards graduation credit nor are they calculated into the graduate degree grade point average used by the Graduate College for academic standing/probation and graduation.  The grade  point average that is included on the transcript, is calculated by the student level (eg. undegraduate, nondegree, or gradaute), is not used by the Graduate College but does include all courses (100- through 500-level) taken by the student while under a particular level.  It may be advisable for graduate students to take 100- through 300-level on a Credit/No-Credit option, if this is a concern.

600-level courses are only open to medical profession students (eg. MD or DDS) and do not recieve graduate credit.

A list of courses offered by the Graduate College available to students across disciplines may be viewed here.

A list of course descriptions is available for viewing all courses currently offered by the University (although not necesarrily in a given term), as of the term listed at the top of that site.

The UIC Schedule of Classes is a listing of courses offered in a specific term, and is updated with course changes until registration closes for that term.  Effective with Spring 2010 registration, the Schedule of Classes is dynamic with search features, although a final static copy will be preserved for reference after registration closed for each term.