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CIC Traveling Scholar Program

[22 Dec 2010 - Note:  CIC has decided to no longer allow guest institutions to participate in CIC activities.  UIC has been a guest (UIUC is a member) since the 1980s.  Therefore, effective January 1, 2011, UIC will not be able to participate in CIC activities or programs, including the CIC Traveling Scholar Program; however, to allow for orderly disengagement, CIC will allow UIC students to apply and participate in the CIC Traveling Scholar Program for the Spring 2011 and Summer 2011 terms.  Student online applications for participation have to be fully approved by the home and host institutions no later than the end of May 2011, and for no term after Summer 2011.]

The purpose of the CIC Traveling Scholar Program is to enable doctoral-level students at CIC universities to take advantage of special educational opportunities on other CIC campuses (Big 10 and University of Chicago - see link below). Any regularly admitted doctoral-level student in good standing at a CIC institution is eligible to apply.

Potential applicants should complete an on-line application at: He/she must discuss their interests with their advisors, who will determine whether a proposed Traveling Scholar experience is likely to enhance the student's education, and will ascertain that a comparable opportunity is not available here at UIC. The advisor discusses the proposed visit with a colleague at the host university; both faculty members should agree that the student is qualified to take advantage of the visit.

Upon official approval from both universities, the student registers and pays for the equivalent number of credits at UIC. The host university will inform the student about registration at the host university.

The following points should be kept in mind:

Applicants must be in good standing in a PhD program.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline imposed by the host institution, or at least one month before the start of classes at the host institution, whichever is earlier. For Northwestern and the University of Chicago, the deadlines are December 1 (winter); February 15 (spring); May 15 (summer); and August 15 (fall). Students should contact the liaison officer at the host institution to verify deadlines prior to applying.

A new application must be completed for each term the traveling scholar is in residence at the host institution.

Visits are limited to two semesters or three quarters on another campus.

Approval from the host institution is not automatic. Even if a student has the instructor's approval, the department chairperson and the CIC liaison officer must also approve the application. If an institution has reason to believe that a student is abusing the CIC-TSP privilege they will deny the application.

CIC participants must register and pay here at UIC for the exact number of credits they will be taking. They should use the holding section "CIC 500," which is listed in the Timetable under Committee for Institutional Cooperation, and one call number for each course taken (e.g., if enrolling for two courses, use two call numbers). Each CIC 500 section listed should include the equivalent number of credits of the course taken at the host institution.

Traveling scholars may register only for the course(s) for which prior approval has been granted.

CIC participants must also meet the host institution's registration processing and deadline requirements. Arrangements for registration at the host institution must be made through the host institution's CIC liaison officer.

If, after consultation with his/her advisor, the traveling scholar drops one or more courses, UIC's policies on refunds and adjustments for semester-quarter time differences will apply.

Traveling scholars are expected to complete all coursework on time. Incomplete (IN) grades will only be accepted in the rarest of circumstances, and students must receive permission from the UIC Graduate College prior to processing the IN request at the host institution.

At the end of each term the registrar of the host institution forwards appropriate transcripts or grade reports to the host CIC liaison officer, who in turn forwards them to the UIC liaison officer for transmittal to the Office of Registration and Records for recording in the student's transcript.

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