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Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

Award Description

The Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program supports increased multidisciplinary scholarship opportunities and exposure to varied research and creative fields for graduate and professional students. Successful applicants must show exceptional promise for future multidisciplinary research and creative activity in their fields of interest.  Funding of up to $4,000 per year for up to 2 years will allow graduate or professional candidates to supplement their existing stipends. Applications will be evaluated not only on the quality of the prospective student, but also the quality of the proposed project and the involved role of the mentor. A faculty mentor will direct the project but it is expected that the student will play the major role in the writing of this application.

Students from any field of study participating in multidisciplinary research  are eligible.

Recipient Lists

Terms of the Award

The award amount will be up to $4,000 per year for 2 years.  Applicants must select an award period of either Spring/Summer (January 16 - August 15) or Summer (June 16 - August 15) for each year they receive the award.  A total of 20 fellowships will be funded at a time.  Students may not win this fellowship more than once.  Award letters will specify fellowship stipend amounts and duration.

Eligibility Criteria

•    Research and creative projects must be multidisciplinary.
•    The prospective recipient must be a full-time graduate or professional student in good academic standing.
•    The academic program or faculty mentor shall have adequate resources which may include, as appropriate:  facilities, laboratory space and equipment, and research support to complete the proposed work.

Selection Criteria

•    Extent to which the applicant’s research or creative activity draws upon and synthesizes knowledge from more than one disciplinary area.
•    Multidisciplinary nature of coursework, advising strategy, and plans for publication of results
•    Willingness of faculty mentors to support the research intellectually, and, where appropriate, financially
•    Record of academic performance, as attested to by CV, and letters of endorsement
•    Research career goals
•    Previous and current research experience
•    Research outcome goals during period of support
•    List of professional accomplishments including awards, honors, publications, and presentations, if applicable

Review Process

The review committee will consist of members of faculty disciplinary committees appointed by the Dean of the Graduate College.  This review committee will evaluate the applications using the eligibility and selection criteria.  The committees will make preliminary recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College, who will make a final recommendation to the Chancellor.

Grant Conditions

•    Where required, applicants must have secured approvals under the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) guidelines in order to receive funding.  This includes completion of required training.  Visit the OPRS website at for guidance.
•    An interim and final report from the applicant is due annually to the Graduate College.
•    Award recipients are expected to present updates of their research at the annual UIC Spring Research Forum.   
•   If renewal of the fellowship for a second year is requested, students must submit an additional letter of support from their faculty mentor detailing progress made on the project during the first year and goals to be accomplished during the second year of funding.

Application Instructions

Prospective applicants for the award submit documents in two stages. 

For the first stage, the student completes the Letter of Intent form and submits it to the Graduate College.  The Letter of Intent is used by the Graduate College to form faculty review committees with expertise in the fields of study of the proposals.  In the second stage, the student collects and compiles the other required documents and submits them to the student's academic degree program for review.  The Director of Graduate Studies of that program submits the documents to the Graduate College.  Each stage has separate deadlines. 

First Stage

Letter of Intent
Prospective applicants should complete the Letter of Intent (LOI) form.  This fillable Word Document form can be found by clicking on the forms link below.  Once completed, save the Word Doc as a PDF and use the following secure link to upload the PDF file to the Graduate College.  LOIs are non-binding and are used to assemble review committees. 

When you are ready to upload PDF file to the Graduate College, click on the link provided below.

  • The Graduate College uses University of Illinois Box for all submissions.
  • If you do not have an existing Box account, you will need to create one. Where prompted, type in a username, email using your UIC email account, and the password associated with your NETID.

    If you already have established your Box account, you will simply need to login.

    Box accounts are free to all UIC students, staff and faculty.

  • Once you are in the "Chancellors LOI" folder, hit upload.
  • Find the location for the file on your computer and choose the file. 
  • After the file is selected, you will see the upload to start.  Once it is done, you will see a message "successfully uploaded."
  • The file is secure and only the owners of the Box account (i.e. Graduate College staff) have access to veiw the contents of the file.


Please visit the Fellowship and Awards Deadline page for pertinent dates.

*NOTE:  Your department/program has to review all student requests for prior to submitting the stage 2 documents to the Graduate College by the deadline.  Consult with your program to determine their deadline for you to submit required material to them.

Upload Link

Upload Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship Program Letter of Intent here
[Deadline: September 16, 2013]

Second Stage

Applicant Transmittal Form
The first step in completing the actual application is for the student to fill out the Transmittal Form, which will be submitted with the application packet.  Information provided must include: student and mentor contact information, project title and description, and approvals/clearances checklist.  Other information may be required.  See form for details.

Applications must also include all of the following:

DGS Transmittal Form
The Director of Graduate studies needs to complete this brief form.

Mentor Agreement Form
The applicant should direct the proposed faculty mentor to the Mentor Agreement Form.  The faculty mentor completes this form and sends it to the student to include with the other application documents.

Research Project Description (1 page)
Provide a concise summary of the proposed research project, including, but not limited to: hypothesis or research question, specific aims, methods and procedures, expected outcomes and significance.  Be sure to include details of the extent to which this research draws upon and synthesizes knowledge from more than one disciplinary area.

Statement of Research Goals During Period of Support (1 page)
Provide a brief statement of the research goals for the applicant during the grant period.

Statement of Research Career Goals (1 page)
Provide a brief statement for the applicant’s future goals/plans following graduation.

Resume or CV (Limit of 4 pages)
Include previous and current research experience, professional accomplishments (i.e. awards, honors, publications, presentations).

Three (3) letters of recommendation, including letter from faculty mentor who will direct the project.

The student must include all second stage forms and documents and submit them electronically to your degree program.  The Director of Graduate Studies will review the application and submit it to the Graduate College by the submission deadline.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The following is a link to general forms used for all fellowships.  Use only those labeled for the Chancellor's Research Fellowship.)

Forms that the applicant and faculty mentor must complete to apply for this award.

Information/forms for Directors of Graduate Studies/program submitters (Bluestem protected)

Fellowships and Student Loans  

Accepting a fellowship may affect federal student loan or work-study eligibility.  For example, students with fellowships may not be able to receive federal loans.  Check with the Office of Student Financial Aid on eligibility requirements.

Students who accept a fellowship but have already received a refund from a federal loan for the current year may have to pay back the loan refund.  Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information.

If applying for loans and/or work-study, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed.  See the Graduate Student Guide from the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information.


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