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The Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD, LLC is a largely online resource for graduate students and postdocs who may be interested in non-academic careers.  Founded and led by Dr. Paula Chambers, this online resource originally focused on providing information for PhD students in the humanities and social sciences.  While that focus remains, is now widely used by students and postdocs from all disciplines. The founding subscriber institutions are Duke University, Harvard University, Michigan State University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.  See a complete list of current institutional subscribers.

The Versatile PhD is more than a website.  Besides providing information on options other than academic careers, there are job listings and other relevant information.  In addition, you will be able to network with others, participate in panel discussions, and access various materials written by other PhDs with established and varied non-academic careers.

The Versatile PhD site is completely confidential.  There is no identifying information reported to others or to UIC.  In addition, neither UIC nor the UIC Graduate College will track (other than counts) or identify users.

Access Information

The Versatile PhD provides a basic site, free of charge, to any individual, and premium content only available to individual or institutional subscribers.  Effective February 2012, the Graduate College at UIC has arranged for an institutional membership for the University of Illinois at Chicago.  This means that the premium content on The Versatile PhD website is available to all in the UIC community who have an active UIC NetID, via the link provided below.  All UIC students, postdocs, faculty, staff, and alumni (for up to one year after graduation) may access the premium content free of charge. You must use the link below to access the premium content free of charge.

Once you pass through the protected login you will be directed to The Versatile PhD UIC login.

UIC Access to The Versatile PhD Premium Content 
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  • Use your NetID, and the password you have associated with your NetID. 
  • Your NetID is usually the first part of your UIC email account, i.e. 
  • Do not include "" in the Bluestem login.