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Candidates EECEC 2010

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Kevin Barnhurst Pam Popielarz
Joanna Burdette Jack Prost
Jennie Brier Andrew Rojecki
Somnath Das Joel Schwartz
Diana Niebylski Brooke Shipley
Rafael Nunez-Cedeno Jim Unnerstall
Martha Pollak  

Executive Committee Candidates Behavioral and Social Sciences

">Kevin Barnhurst, Professor, Communication

(Statement not received) 

">Jack Prost, Associate Professor, Anthropology

If selected, I would be willing to serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the Graduate College. I have been a faculty member in four departments: Sociology (UCLA), Anatomy (Duke Medical Center), Biological Sciences (UIC), and Anthropology (UIC). This variety has given me an appreciation of cross-disciplinary issues. I have served, on and off, in the UIC Senate, including the Senate's Conference, since 1970, and served from 1985-1996 as the executive officer of the Department of Anthropology. These experiences, among others, have given me a sense of the difference between administrative and faculty perspectives. My research interests lie in the area of human biology: the morphophysiology of human behavior, growth, and development, with particular emphasis on the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences  

[There were no nominations received for this category]

Fine Arts and Humanities

">Jennie Brier, Associate Professor, History; Gender and Women's Studies

(Statement not received) 

">Diana Niebylski, Professor, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese

(Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Brandeis University). Professor Niebylski teaches Latin American, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory in the Department of Spanish, French and Italian. Her current research explores the effects of globalization on Latin American literature, film and other media from socio-cultural and aesthetic perspectives, focusing specifically on three areas: 1) the emergence new forms of urban poverty and the growth of experimental realism(s) in Argentina and Chile 2) the trade in bodies and body parts as part of global networks in Brazil and the Caribbean (narcotraffic, sexual tourism and the organ trade) as depicted in fiction, theater, film and television, and 3) migratory subjects, gender and children in Mexico and the Mexico-US border as seen through the eyes of contemporary novelists and filmmakers on both sides of the border.

Recent publications include an annotated edition of Rosario Ferré’s stories from Maldito amor published by Fondo Económico de Cultura (2006); Humoring Resistance: Laughter, Bodies and Excess in Latin American Women's Fictions (SUNY, 2004) and a number of articles on translation, memory and exile as well as on recent works by contemporary Latin American authors (Sergio Chejfec, Diamela Eltit, Sabina Berman, and Tomás Eloy Martínez).

Life Sciences

">Jim Unnestall, Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Program Coordinator and Director of Graduate Studies in Neuroscience; Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Since joining the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1991 I have been actively involved in teaching and research both in the College of Medicine and in the Graduate Studies Program of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. I have taken the lead in developing innovative online teaching materials for the College of Medicine by producing the first programmed learning web site in the College for the teaching of Medical Neuroanatomy to the Medical and Graduate Students (1997). With respect to curricular development in the College of Medicine, I serve as chair for M1/M2 Chicago Curriculum Subcommittee and Chair of the College-wide Basic Science Coordinating committee. I have demonstrated significant commitment ot the Graduate Program in Anatomy by developing new and novel courses during my academic tenure that attempt to provide timely and relevant instructional material to graduate students across the campus. During this time I have been an active member of the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee and in 2000 took a leadership role with Dr. Rochelle Cohen who was then the Chair of the Department in coordinating with faculty in LAS and Medicine in the development of the Interdepartmental Training Program in Neuroscience. I specifically worked with Dr. Simon Alford in the Department of Biological Sciences in designing and developing the curriculum for the Neuroscience Program . I now serve as Program Cordinator and Director of Grauate Studies for the Neuroscience Program and maintain a strong presence in the curriulum by serving as Course Coordinator for core Program requirments including ANAT/NEUS 403 (Human Neuroanatomy), BioS 585 / NEUS 502 (Foundations of Neuroscience 2) and NEUS 595 (Seminar in Neuroscience).

Awards Committee Candidates

Behavioral and Social Sciences

">Somnath Das, Professor, Accounting 

I am currently Professor of Accounting in the College of Business Administration. I came to UIC during the academic year 1995-1996. During my stay here at UIC, I have served as the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in the Department of Accounting from summer 2000 through June of 2007. I have previously served the Graduate College as a Member of the Graduate Awards Committeeduring the academic years 2001-02 and 2002-03, and as a panelist on Student Mentoring and the Role of DGS, during  Director of Graduate Studies Camp, organized by the Graduate College in  September 2004. I have served as an elected member on the Executive Committee of the College of Business Administration from 2000-2007 and have currently been serving as an alternate member since 2007. I have also served on the UIC Faculty Senate and its Committee on Research during 1999-2003.

">Pam Popielarz, Associate Professor, Sociology

(Statement not received) 

">Andrew Rojecki, Associate Professor, Communication

(Statement not received) 


Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences

">Brooke Shipley, Professor, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

In Fall 2010, I will be the DGS in MSCS and I have served for three years on our Admissions Committee.  Other service includes five hiring committees, three years on the MSCS Advisory committee, two years as Co-chair of the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women, and serving as co-PI of WISEST since 2009.   I have had continuous research funding from the NSF since 1999, have two current Ph.D. students and serve on the editorial board for four mathematics journals.

Fine Arts and Humanities

">Rafael Nunez-Cedeno, Professor, Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese  

Rafael Nuñez-Cedeño is Professor of Hispanic linguistics, specializing in phonology, morphology, dialectology, and the acquisition Spanish phonology. He has been at UIC for 24 years. He has published extensively in linguistic journals, newspapers and is the (co)author of six books on Spanish and general Romance linguistics. He is also a co-founder and co-editor of Probus: International Journal of Latin and Romance Linguistics, published by the Germany-based Mouton de Gruyter. He was former director of Latin American and Latino Studies. He has served in and chaired several Spanish departmental committees, which includes directing Hispanic Graduate Studies, and has a been member of the LAS Executive committee. In the UIC Senate he has served in the committees of Academic Freedom and Tenure, Faculty Affairs, and the External Relations and Public Service. He has also been a member of the All-University Promotion and Tenure Committee and of the Graduate College Executive Committee.

">Martha Pollak, Professor, Art History

(Statement not received)  


Life Sciences

">Joanna Burdette, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

(Statement not received)

 ">Joel Schwartz, Professor, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

I have been a tenured Professor of Oral Maxillofacial Pathology in the College of Dentistry for six years. In this time I have directed and continue to teach in two undergraduate courses for dental students. Conducted seminars and directed the Oral Course for Oral Pathology for graduate residents. I have had undergraduate and resident students perform scientific studies in my laboratory and I am a current mentor for a Master’s Thesis to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and a Periodontology graduate resident. I have also served on the promotion and tenure committee for the College of Dentistry, and I currently serve on the IRB Cancer Center Committee, and I participate in the University Senate.

My academic time is also filled with my participation in a tissue biopsy service, and conducting my research. My research studies are focused upon the genetic screening and prevention of epithelial cancers and studying direct carcinogenic damage or understanding interactions between oral microbes and epithelial cells. I have received funding from the NIH, NCI for these studies. During my tenure at UIC I have published or have in preparation nearly a dozen articles in peer reviewed journals. 

I would very much like to contribute more to UIC through my participation in the “Graduate Executive or Awards Committee”. My nearly 30 years experience here at UIC and in other major academic institutions will assist me in any review task you may require.