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Fellows Mentoring and Support Initiative

The purpose of the Graduate College’s Fellows Mentoring and Support Initiative is to expand outreach efforts to Diversifying Faculty in Higher Education in Illinois and Abraham Lincoln Fellowship recipients. The goal is to provide fellows with career and personal mentoring, advice, and referral support in order to promote successful completion of their graduate degree and to pursue their career objectives. Alumni working in academic, non-profit, industrial, and corporate settings are invited to engage in mentorship relationships. We seek alumni with PhDs in all disciplines who can provide additional feedback to doctoral candidates with respect to dissertation research, degree progress, training, and employment opportunities. A matched pair design will be used whereby an alumna/us is matched with a mentee in a related academic discipline or field. We ask for a one-year commitment. Mentorship can be virtual via video conference, telephone, email, etc. The Graduate College will offer initial training and will monitor progress towards academic and professional goals twice each year. Alumni are also invited to present on topics germane to their professions and mentoring. We hope you’ll join us in this effort.

For more information, please contact Lunaire D. Ford, PhDAssistant Dean, via email or telephone (312) 413-2556.